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Automatic test Equipment for Motors and Transformers
Offering you a complete choice of products which include Testing Equipment such as Armature Tester, Impulse Tester and Poly Function Surge Tester.
  • Armature Tester

    Armature Tester

    Our clients can also avail from us, a wide range of Armature Tester that is used for complete testing of armature. Some of the salient attributes of these Armature Testers are as follows:

    • Function: Computer controlled test of wound rotors

    • Application: Small & medium armatures

    • Use: High volumes of production on completely automatic systems

    • Standard tests: Ohmmic resistance, Welding point resistance, Insulation resistance, Dielectric strength, Surge

  • Impulse Tester

    We are providing our clients an exclusive range of Impulse Tester of DAC-PG series. These testers are impulse test equipments for testing of low, medium, high-voltage rotator windings. Impulse Tester is composed of a surge impulse generator circuit, phase selector unit (selection between U, V and W), and waveform recorder circuit for providing a differential method type of impulse testing instrument. Our range of Impulse Tester is small and light-weight due to use of a thyristor switch, so the maintenance is almost free.

    Impulse Tester

  • Poly Function Surge Tester

    Poly Function Surge Tester

    We are engaged in providing our clients a comprehensive range of Poly Function Surge Tester. These testers find their wide application for AC & DC Motors, generic electric devices, transformer, coils, and Die cast rotors. Poly Function Surge Tester contains standard tests like surge on winding, DC dielectric strength, insulation resistance, polarization index, 1.2/50 pulse, die cast rotor, digital ohmmeter with Delta T.


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