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Magnetic Field Analyzer

We are a leading Importer & Supplier of Magnetic Field Analyzer such as M- Axis Permanent Magnet Properties, CMOS- Mag View (Visualization Of Magnetic Fields) and Mag View ( Visualization Of Magnetic Field Structures) from India.

M- Axis Permanent Magnet Properties

M- Axis Permanent Magnet Properties
M-axis is a high precision measuring device for the characterization of the magnetic characteristics of permanent magnets. Based on the modular design the M-axis device is able to measure near and far field magnetic properties.

Measurement principle

The method used in M-axis is based on the determination of the dipole properties of permanent magnet materials. In addition to the three-dimensional position of the magnet, the magnetic moment and the direction of magnetization are determined.

Compared to the measurement with Helmholtz coils (where magnetic flux changes are integrated) M-axis determines directly the induced magnetic field. As a result the magnet has not to be moved during a measurement!

M-axis is your first choice for a 100% quality-control of magnets.

Working principle:

  • Determination of the open Remanence Br
  • Magnetization angle measurement
  • Graphical presentation of the size and orientation of the error angle
  • Adapter for different magnet geometries
  • Statistical analysis of parameters possible
  • Automated storage of the determined parameters
  • Implementation of the system in an existing manufacturing process possible

CMOS- Mag View (Visualization Of Magnetic Fields)

High resolution magneto-optical visualization of magnetic fields with magnetic field viewer CMOS-MAG VIEW The CMOS-Mag View is a digital magneto-optical readout system for fast and accurate visualization of magnetic field structures and field strengths. It is suitable for real-time stray field analysis and quality testing. Magnetic stray fields on EC and credit cards, magnetic encoders and DI- and multipolmagnets can be visualized

Fields of Application:
  • Quality control of permanent magnets (single and multipole magnets)
  • Visualization of magnet stripe card information
  • Analysis and visualization of magnetic tapes (audio, video and data tapes)
  • Investigation and analysis of magnetic data carriers (Hard Disks, Floppy Disks, many more)
  • Analysis of magnetic ink and magnetic security seals/stamps
  • Surface near crack and micro crack structure investigations
  • Visualization of obliterated serial numbers on steel
  • Surface near welding seem inspection
  • Magnetic domain analysis and research

CMOS- Mag View (Visualization Of Magnetic Fields)

Mag View ( Visualization Of Magnetic Field Structures)

Mag View ( Visualization Of Magnetic Field Structures)
Mag View is a magneto-optical readout device for fast and precise visualization of magnetic field structures. The handheld device can be applied for qualitative testings and stray field analysis. Mag View visualizes magnetic stray fields of credit cards,magnetic encoders and multi pole magnets.

Magnetic information, such as permanent magnetic structures and inhomogeneities due to fissures and cracks in ferromagnetic materials, can be visualized by use of magneto-optical sensitive sensors. For this purpose the sensor is set in direct contact with the surface containing the magnetic information.

Furthermore magneto-optics is feasible in eddy current testing.

Because of the adaptive design Mag View is suitable for visualization of low magnetic fields of audio and video tapes, debit and credit cards, floppy disks and hard drives.

For digital analysis and data archiving should be your first choice our CMOS-Mag View.




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