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Thermal Imaging Cameras

We are engaged in offering our clients a wide gamut of thermal Camera, which matches high-quality standards of the quality.

The "InfReC" Thermography R300 series multi-purpose thermal imaging camera is ideal camera for all Predictive/preventative maintenance, building inspections and R & D where high sensitive, Precision and Quality is required. The R300 records both thermal and visual images to SD card and the rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack gives the user approximately 2 hours of usage per charge.

The name "InfReC" is a word derived from InfraRed Camera and includes the meaning of a "device that captures (records) infrared data".

  • Hand-Held Infrared Thermal Camera

    Hand-Held Infrared Thermal Camera

    We are engaged in offering our clients a wide gamut of Infrared thermal Camera, which matches high-quality standards of the quality. Camera operation with a multilingual user surface, temperature resolution <0,05K SN-I at 30°C and 60 Hz, light weight, shock proof (800g) housing with dust & splash water protection (IP54), internal 1000 image on board memory and USB-2 interface for single and interval saving routines of thermo graphic and visual images, interactive user guidance with comfortable camera control-, measurement-, image processing- and analyzing software (emissivity correction), USB-2 interface line image data transmission, built-in battery holder, PAL/NTSC composite video and power supply connector for international compatibility.

    Thermal Camera

    [InfReC] is the coined abbreviation word of "Infrared Camera" and also has the meaning of [The Device Recording Infrared Information].
    Our product research and development is targeted at improving the quality of life by protecting people and simplifying their daily tasks while measuring temperature, controlling environments, enhancing security, etc.

    Ergonomic Handheld Camera design supports easy image capture at any angle using included View Finder and Multi-angleTilting Color LCD Display.By panning the R300 camera in a horizontal (or vertical) plane, a Panoramic Thermal Image is recorded without need for position alignment. This feature provides fast, wide angle, full radiometric images for reports and analysis.World –class High Image Quality & High Resolution
    • High resolution (NETD) of 0.05??? (at 30???)
    • High performance Accuracy:±1???
    • Spatial Resolution(I.F.O.V.)1.21mrad
      (standard lens)
    Various Temperature Measuring Features
    • 3.5 inch Color LCD Screen with Tilt function & View Finder
    • 3.1Mega pixels Visual Camera
    • Focal Distance:10cm to infinity (standard lens) or (with STD lens)
    • Various Lens Configurations including:2x telephoto,
      0.5x Wide angle, close-up, etc

    Thermal Camera

    Infrared Thermal Camera F30

    Infrared Thermal Camera F30
    We offers Infrared Thermal Imager camera, Thermo shot F30 Series. Features: Fit in the pocket-compact but reliable tools when a workman goes out measuring ? a fits in a pocket, easy to pull out and take a shot; focus free ?no focusing is needed at distance of 1.3 m or farther, even entry ?level users can obtain quality images; minimum focal length of 10 cm-one can easily get thermal Images of small parts; ultra light 300 gm- weight only about 300gm,designed like a digital camera mounted-capable of capturing both thermal and visible images of objects; uses AA-sized alkaline battery can also be used in an emergency; user friendly operation-intuitive operation with clear cut icons, thermal imaging as easy as ABC even without a manual.

    Fixed Thermal Imaging Camera

    The industrial uncooled FPA infrared camera for conditioning monitoring, thermal screening, R&D, environment analysis and production control etc.

    Robust industrial IR camera version for fixed installed applications under extreme environment conditions as process-/ production control, environment surveillance, fire warning systems, research & development.
    Optional housing with or without cooling or heating features, lenses with high quality coating, optional display with remote control are shown under accessories as well as IR Motion control and application software. All ir Motion driver utilities are included and SDK (Software Development Kit) is also available.

    Fixed Thermal Imaging Camera




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