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Environmental Monitoring

We provide the complete solution of Meteorological & environmental monitoring system. We are supplier of various transmitter wind speed and wind direction, humidity, temperature, pressure, radiation, precipitation etc. We have wide range of different type of Digital Datalogger for collection the weather monitoring data, displays and recorder. We provide the complete weather station for Meteorological & environmental monitoring.

Weather Monitoring System

Weather Monitoring System

Our sound experience and expertise helps us in offering the complete solution of weather monitoring systems to our clients. We are providing the complete solution of meteorological and environmental monitoring system. Our range of weather monitoring systems includes various transmitter wind speed and wind direction, humidity, temperature, pressure, radiation, precipitation and many others. In addition, we also offer a vast range of different types of digital dataloggers for collecting the weather monitoring data, displays and recorder.

  • Wind Tunnel

    Wind Tunnel
    Offering Wind Tunnel for Calibration/Wind Tunnel for Fluid Dynamics.

    We are offering turbulence, uniform and stationary air flow is generated in low speed wind-tunnels (of Eifler or Gottinger design). These wind tunnels consist of different components like a fan, a flow straightener, absorbing screens, slow down sections, a jet, a measuring section and an inlet nozzle. Inside the measuring section aerodynamic experiments and calibrations can be carried out on test objects. Normally the measuring section is rated as an open stream. 

    This stream ends in the inlet nozzle to avoid pressure losses. wind-tunnel is constructed as a closed return wind-tunnel system, which re-circulates the accelerated air via aerodynamically piping system. It requires less energy, because the fan does not need to accelerate the air again as is necessary in case of the Eifler wind tunnel. 

    The corners are fitted with aerodynamically turning vanes, which cause marginal pressure loss and less turbulence in comparison to usual tube corners. The residual turbulence are eliminated through the straighteners and screens inside of the slow down section. Gottinger wind tunnels are not that susceptible to external effects like pressure surges (opening and closing of a door) These effects are even amplified through the nozzle contraction of an Eifler wind tunnel. Gottinger wind tunnels are driven on high performance radial fans. Using our drive concept one of the aerodynamically corners becomes superfluous/unnecessary and a heating up of the flow can be largely avoided because the motor is placed outside of the flow.

Laser Precipitation Monitor ( Disdrometer)

Laser Precipitation Monitor ( Disdrometer)
The Thies Laser Distrometer is especially designed for the use in several applications and characterization of precipitation. Thanks to a multitude of measuring variables and configuration variants the use of a Distrometer in various ranges of application is now possible.The optical laser basing measuring principle guarantees a reliable and accurate measurement of all known kinds of precipitation. It is possible to measure the amount, the intensity also as the particle size and the velocity of precipitation. A main advantage of the Distrometer is to measure particles down to 0,16 mm diameter.

The Distrometer detects and discriminates the different arts of precipitation as drizzle, rain, hail, snow, snow grains, graupel (small hail / snow pellets), and ice pellets with his reliable maintenance-free Laser optic.
The Distrometer calculates the intensity, volume (water equivalent) and the precipitation spectrum ( diameter and velocity) as well as the meteorological visibility (MOR) in the rain and the radar reflectivity (Z).
Latest state of the art technology like DSP, and high quality optical components stand for reliable, precise measurement and results in real-time.
All data will be transmitted via a galvanic isolated RS485 interface to further processing. SYNOP according table 4680, and METAR according table 4678 are implemented.

Noise level Meter/ Sound Analyser

Noise level Meter/ Sound Analyser

We are offering our clients a wide range of Sound Level Meter and Noise Monitor. Sound level meters are used for measuring sound pressure level and in noise pollution studies for the quantification of almost any noise, but especially for industrial, environmental and aircraft noise. Our products are procured from leading manufacturers to ensure their high quality.


Aero Acoustic Wind Tunnels And Acoustic Measurement Rooms

Aero Acoustic Wind Tunnels And Acoustic Measurement Rooms

We are a leading supplier of aero-acoustic wind tunnels and acoustic measurement rooms, which are the latest advancements in the field of wind tunnel projects. In this application, the established absorber technology is used. Faist is among leading provider of aero-acoustic wind tunnel noise control systems. We have gained a distinct place in the market for our quality range of acoustic measurement rooms, which are highly efficient and long operating life. Our organization offers the complete acoustic system that includes the largest anechoic chambers for pass by testing to engine, power train, gearbox, and component test stands as per the international quality standards.

numerous third part acceptance test have proven the high-performance of our acoustic measurement rooms. The scope is completed by hybrid solutions (climatic meets acoustics) and acoustic laboratories with defined reverberation time for personal sound evaluation.

Whole Body And Hand- Arm Vibration Meter

The Precision Vibration Meters Nor133 and Nor136 are designed in accordance with ISO 8041. In their basic versions, both meters are well suited for measurement of whole body and hand-arm vibration measurements. Optional upgrades allow for the measurement and analysis as vibration in buildings, ships, vehicles and public transport systems in accordance to international and national standards.


Features and applications

  • Whole body vibration to ISO 2631, EN/2002/44/EC
  • Hand Arm vibration to ISO 5349, EN/2002/44/EC
  • Building Vibration measurement to DIN 4150, ISO 2631, BS6472
  • Ship cabin vibration measurements to ISO 6954
  • General machine vibration - data logger
  • 6 channels (Nor136) in whole body mode
  • Graphical and numerical display of all channels simultaneously
  • Huge memory capacity with SD memory card
  • Records the raw data signal for later analyzed in NorVibraTest
  • Powerful post processing software NorVibraTest
  • Complete range of accelerometers for HA and WB measurements
  • Multi language
  • Comment channel
  • Supports, IEPE, Charge, AC and DC voltage sensors
  • Data export to National Instrument DIAdem software

Whole Body And Hand- Arm Vibration Meter

Vibration Meter

Vibration Meter
We are a leading supplier of precision instrumentation for sound and vibration measurements. Our products cover a complete range of sound and vibration system. In sound, we have sound level meter for environment noise, building acoustics, industrial hygiene vehicle noise and other more applications. In vibration we have whole body vibration meter, hard arm vibration meter, building vibration meter, machine vibration meter, and complete range of accelerometer for HA and WB measurement.



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