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About Electro Mechanical Enterprises

Electro Mechanical Enterprises (EME INDIAN) The reliable supplier & partner for Test, Measurement, Calibration, Production, Industrial Process Automation/Control and Environmental Monitoring Systems.

Our Mission is to 'deliver the best of quality products, instruments, test systems, machines at the most economical rates within minimum lead times'.

At EME Indian , we take pride in offering the highest-quality products and best application specific solutions for each of our customer. We also firmly believe in customer support after the sale. Our focus is our customer, because without our customers we wouldn't be here today!

A Closer Look at EME INDIAN:-

Numbers and Facts:

1. Founded in 2000
2. 10 Employees
3. More than 25 overseas representative partners
4. Certificated according ISO 9001:2008

    EME Indian was established with a strong commitment and confidence to facilitate supply/service of innovative Scientific/industrial products, Instruments, Apparatus and systems. An Engineering Enterprise managed by professionals having root level Fundamental knowledge & experience of various technologies.

    EME Indian has skilled and dedicated employees who understand customers requirements and are eager to serve them in a better way for production, planning, product development and research/ development, quality control, order processing, dispatching are managed by consummate Sales Assistants, Engineers and Technicians.

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